Now That Thanksgiving Is Over, What Is A Mother To Do?

My husband and I were fortunate to have all three of our daughter’s home, which is a rarity. Anticipating their arrival was oh so sweet. Preparing their favorite dishes and filling the refrigerator and cabinets with each of their must have supplies occupied much of my time. The weekend was a whirlwind of friends and relatives coming in and out. Friday was spent attending our traditional “Day After Thanksgiving Celtics Game.” Then there was shopping, lots of shopping. By the time they left on Sunday our house looked like it had been hit by a bomb.
Watching them walk out the door led to mixed emotions. On one hand, I loved every minute all of us were together and hated to see them go. But after four days in full on mommy-mode, I was exhausted. I hadn’t answered a single email, connected with friends or done anything for myself. As much as I love the sound, smell and feel of our full house, I also love the rhythm of the life that my husband and I have created. The one that gives us time to talk, read, binge watch TV shows, exercise, travel and connect with friends.
When my children were younger, I felt like my life was a constant game of Beat The Clock. Life was frenetic, exciting and exhausting. Everything revolved around our children and their lives. It was just right for then. But here’s the thing, what was right years ago is no longer so. Now we look forward to those frenetic visits. We gladly put the rest of our lives on hold to take in every moment of every visit. But once they leave, we get to honor the rest of ourselves. We get to pursue other interests, take care of ourselves, learn new things, take risks, make mistakes and stretch ourselves.

Many of the women I work with are navigating the transition from what was right in the past to creating what is right now. This is your opportunity to create YOUR “What’s Right Now”.

Often, women who I have coached individually and in My Next Purpose, Beyond The Empty Nest and Moving Beyond Divorce groups have kept in touch with me sharing their wins, insights and challenges. They have regularly asked me What’s next? Can we connect and possibly make new friendships with other exciting midlife women? Can we break bread, learn from, work hard, be creative and have lots of fun together? Can we spend a full day getting to know one another? Can we get support, inspiration and encouragement as we create our “What’s Right Now”
 I answered with a resounding yes and created a one day retreat for midlife women who are continuing to evolve. Women who are excited about the lives that we are creating. Women who want to be inspired by and connected to other interesting and vibrant women. All the previous retreats sold out very quickly. I am offering one more retreat on Saturday, February 10, 2018 in Needham Massachusetts.
The retreat is for women who have and have not participated in my previous programs. To ensure that you have the best experience, I am limiting the group to 12 women. This retreat is sure to sell out fast. 
We will spend our day sipping coffee/tea and treats as we work in front of the roaring fire, enjoy a healthy lunch, get creative and a little silly, learn, teach, laugh and possibly shed a few tears.
I would hate to see you lose your chance to be a part of this exceptional experience. Give yourself something to look forward to in 2018. Sign up now before your spot is taken. 
The link to sign up is: Midlife Reinvention One-Day Retreat

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For those of you who would like to make more connections with other midlife women, I invite you to join my Midlife Reinvention Facebook Group.  You will gain access to training and resources from me and connect to almost 300 like-minded midlife women who inspire and support one another as they navigate and create their most fulfilling next acts.

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