The My Next Purpose Course really helped me clarify my values, strengths, and interests and most importantly, provided me concrete ideas for moving into action. Barbara gave us tools and techniques for creating a vision for the next chapter, and then specific steps to begin turning that vision into reality.  The course was wonderful – exactly what I needed!    

I loved listening to Barbara coach others during the live calls. Barbara is highly skilled in listening and affirming, but also in gently challenging people to move into action. I also found the various worksheets to be extremely helpful in learning specific ways to move forward. Plus it was great fun!  Mary Jo C. Minnesota


Barbara is an outstanding life coach.  In a short period of time her coaching assisted me in identifying and achieving my personal goals,  The tools selected by Barbara were useful and effective.  I highly recommend Barbara as a life coach who can help an individual discover what’s important in their lives, establish goals and design a plan to eliminate obstacles in order to achieve those goals.   M.K. – MA

Listening to Barbara’s calm and comforting tone when she coached me or others created a very safe environment in which to explore and discover more about myself and where I see my future. I liked the meditations (exercises) and that the calls were recorded so that I could go back and listen to them again. Jeri R. Massachusetts

Barbara not only motivates, excites and inspires you, she helps you discover what actually works.  I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara for anyone searching for their most fulfilling path.  R.B.  – NY

Barbara brings incredible passion and caring into her coaching.  I felt understood by Barbara and was amazed by her wisdom and ability to help me see things from a different perspective.  I am well on my path to living the life I was meant to, thanks to Barbara   D.M. – MA

When I began coaching I was skeptical as to the effectiveness of once a week phone sessions.  I am amazed and pleased with Barbara’s ability to establish a productive working relationship.  Her intutiveness and ability to hone in on important issues to help me identify and achieve my personal goals was outstanding.  Barbara’s use of visualizations were thought provoking.  Barbara helped me understand how to restructure areas and thought processes that were sabotaging my progress.  Barbara’s intonation and sense of humor are some of her greatest assets.  M.K. – MA

What makes Barbara Wasserman a great coach? Quite simply, she understands the relationship between human nature and creating change.  In the face of life transitions, whether it’s about a job, wellness, or making a dream a reality; Barbara fearlessly helps her clients clearly articulate goals, name and deal with obstacles, be accountable, and create a strategy for success. L.P. – MA

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