What No Longer Serves You (& What To Do About It)

Last year I quit a book club that I had been a member of for many years. I knew the women very well and considered most of them good friends. So why withdraw from the group? It’s actually pretty simple; it no longer brought me joy. Each time I saw it on my calendar I noticed myself looking for excuses not to go. When I did attend, I was easily irritated and impatient, and found myself far less engaged in the conversations than I used to be. At the same time, I noticed other groups I felt excited and energized to participate in. I had a pit in my stomach from the time I made the decision to leave up until the meeting where I would tell the group. But once I made the announcement, guess what? I felt relieved, lighter, and happier.  

This experience got me thinking, what other things should I be letting go of? I decided to give myself an assignment that I often give to my clients called “What no longer serves me?”

During this activity we create an activity journal (similar to a food journal). We notice what/who brings us joy….. and what/who does not.

We ask ourselves these very important questions:

  • What themes do we notice in our low joy activities?
  • What themes do we notice in our high joy activities?
  • How does whom we are with factor into how much joy we experience? How can this information be helpful in increasing our level of joy in activities?
  • What did we learn about our high joy activities that we can translate to improve our low joy activities?
  • What/who do we need to let go of to achieve more joy in our lives?

My joy log gave me a flurry of information and insights.

A few highlights:

  • The people I spend my time with are more important than what I am actually doing. When I am with people I enjoy, particularly those who love to learn new things, partake in interesting and exciting activities, and stretch themselves, I am most joyous.
    • This revelation changed the way I viewed my activity log. Instead of ditching every low joy activity right off the bat, where possible, I made changes to who I did them with.
  • I also noticed that I love participating in think tank meetings, but do not enjoy the nitty gritty details of event planning.
    • As a result, I withdrew from a few event planning committees and joined groups with a more big-picture focus.
  • My joy log also reiterated how much I love spending time with groups of dynamic and interesting women.

How about you? What no longer gives you joy? What do you need to let go of or make a change to?

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