Work With Barbara:

Barbara’s Signature One-On-One Coaching Package

RENEW, REIMAGINE, REINVENT    “Coming Alive In Your Next Chapter”

For bright, comptenet and well educated Midlife Women who are ready to discover their purpose, passions and superpowers so they can create a life full of impact, meaning and joy.

Using my Signature 7 Step Program, you will:

  1. Reconnect with YOU; your uniqueness, values, dreams and passions.
  2. Leverage Your Superpowers; all those skills, assets and wisdom you didnp’t know you had.
  3. Discover Your Next Purpose; your callings and legacy
  4.  Build Your Most Fulfilling Next Act
  5. Master Your Gremlins; fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.
  6. Get Your MOJO Back; reconnect with your confidence, motivation and supporters.
  7. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION: Create your JUST RIGHT action plan.

Nine 50 minute phone sessions over 3 months 


Group Presentations:

I lead workshops of 1, 2 or 3 sessions each on topics such as:

  1. Creating a balanced life;
  2. Wellness/Self care;
  3. Finding your life purpose;
  4. Taming your gremlins;
  5. Time management/getting things done;
  6. Life after divorce or separation; and
  7. Putting ME into my life.

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