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My Next Purpose

Next Challenge Begins September 28th

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What Does the Challenge Include?

  • One exercise delivered to your inbox daily for 10 days. Each exercise is specifically designed to help you uncover and move one step closer to finding Your Next Purpose
  • Access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook Group to give and receive support, guidance and inspiration throughout your journey. You will become part of a community of like-minded women looking to create more meaning in the next stage of their lives
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Who Will Benefit from Participating in the Challenge? Anyone Feeling As If:

  • You are in a state of transition
  • You are wondering what is next
  • You have built your personal/professional life around your role in your family
  • Your kids are (or almost) gone and/or you are (or may become) single
  • Your career is no longer fulfilling and/or you are beginning to think about starting a new career after years at home
  • You think you may have too many passions and don’t know which to pursue or how to get started
  • You know you are supposed to do something BIG- but don’t know what it is
  • You want your legacy to extend beyond your accomplishments as a parent


The My Next Purpose Challenge is designed to help you take the next step in uncovering what makes your heart sing

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Life Transition Coach Barbara Wasserman, LICSW has spent over 25 years empowering women to make the next years of their lives the best years of their lives.