Are You Sitting A Little Too Comfortably? Do This…

Today I walked into my weekly spin class and immediately noted the absence of my beloved instructor. Now I am a creature of habit. When I find one instructor that I like I build my exercise routine around his/her teaching schedule. Over time my brain and muscles know what to expect. I feel comfortable and competent. Needles to say, I was not happy to see Jeri, a substitute instructor, interrupting my normal routine.

The class required more concentration than usual. Jeri had us moving our bodies differently and using new muscles. I felt myself having to work harder. At the end of the ride I was exhausted but also filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

As we wiped down our bikes and prepared to leave the studio Jeri said “This month the studio is doing a January Challenge. Sign up and commit to taking classes with five different instructors by the end of the month. Completing the challenge will earn you a free class” I don’t usually pay much attention to the studio’s many challenges, but today it resonated with me. I’m always encouraging my clients to change things up and move outside their normal routines. Here was a chance for me to walk the walk. I marched right up to the front desk and signed up. After all, I had already taken a class with one new instructor.


On the drive home I started thinking about creating a January Challenge for my coaching community. The goal of the challenge is to try new things, do things differently and break out of our routines. I therefore challenge you to commit to doing five new/different things in January. These things can be small or big. Some possibilities include going to the movies or out to dinner alone, inviting someone new out to coffee, signing up for a new class, sitting at a different lunch table at work, trying a new exercise class, volunteering for a new project, booking a vacation to some place you have never been, reconnecting with an old friend, joining me on January 20 at the Boston Women’s March or signing up for my Midlife Reinvention One Day Retreat on March 4th.

To successfully complete this challenge, you will need to accomplish the following: 

  1. Decide on five new/different things to do.
  2. Announce your intentions to people in your life who support you/your cheerleaders.
  3. Find an accountability buddy to keep you on track.

I am so excited about the power of the challenge that am offering a FREE 15 minute coaching call to help you identify your five things AND I will be your accountability buddy. All you have to do is be one of the first ten people to email me at with the subject line: “January Challenge” to schedule your FREE 15 minute coaching call.

I am also running this challenge in my Midlife Reinvention Facebook Group. If you are not one of the first ten to email me, come on over to our Midlife Reinvention Facebook group. Ask to join the group. Once I have admitted you, you can announce your intentions to the group. You will then get plenty of support and encouragement from me and the rest of the group.

Together we can make January the month that we change things up!!

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For those of you who would like to make more connections with other midlife women, I invite you to join my Midlife Reinvention Facebook Group.  You will gain access to training and resources from me and connect to almost 300 like-minded midlife women who inspire and support one another as they navigate and create their most fulfilling next acts.

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